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INFOMAX iCheque Suites

iCheque is the cheque image processing software that complied with Bank of Thailand standard. The software provides end to end cheque image and data processing for cheque clearing as well as signature verification process.

iCheque Suites consist of the following modules:

iCheque Client:

The client software that fucntions for cheque scanning and converting cheque to image with Bank of Thailand (BOT) standard image quality assurance (IQA) verification. Cheque data and image are encrypted for security. The data and image will be submitted to outward server application and ready for clearing.

iCheque Outward Application Server:

Out Clearing Transaction

iCheque outward application server receives cheque image and data from iCheque client and creates BOT Out-Clearing package, that will be submitted to BOT gateway (ICMG) and obtains the BOT status report for package submission. Out-Clearing transactions can be searched and displayed for audit and tracking.

Return In Clearing Transaction

iCheque outward application server manages all Return In Clearing Transactions (Returned cheque and data correction) and displays returned cheque information, image and reason of return. The returned cheque report can be generated for print out and issued to bank's customer.

iCheque Inward Application Server:

In Clearing Transaction

iCheque inward application server receives incoming cheques from sending bank, all incoming cheque data and images are displayed for cheque verification process. Incoming cheque can be automatic distribute to each checker or the checker can manually mark incoming cheque for verification process.

Return Out Clearing Transaction

iCheque inward application can be integrated with iCheque Signature Verification Server for signature verification process. The user can view cheque image with data and decide to approve, correct cheque data or reject cheque with return reason. The return packages will be generated as BOT standard format and sent to BOT gateway (ICMG) for cheque return transactions

iCheque Signature Verification Server:

iCheque signatrue verification server (SVS) is an application for cheque signature verification process. The application can be seamlessly integrated with existing cheque clearing system. The rule of verification can be set such as number of signature against cheque values. The signature image can be imported for any new or existing customers.

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