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PCI-DSS Upgrade for Switching Hub

INFOMAX successfully completed upgrading PCI-DSS solution for backoffice (MIS ,files and reports ) solution to our PCI-DSS certified client.

Total Solution Provider

INFOMAX has become the total solution provider both of software and hardware for bank gateway or Promptpay registration/payment/credit transfer / bill payment and request to pay for banks and corporate banks customers.


Promptpay Backoffice and Promptpay Registration

INFOMAX successfully implemented prompt-pay backoffice services and application for National ITMX to archive prompt-pay project (Epayment roadmap). INFOMAX successfully implemented prompt-pay registration and credit transfer solution for both of online and backoffice to member banks.

Data Integration Software Implementation

INFOMAX successfully implemented STAMBIA data integration software for EXIM Bank. The implementation facilitates 18 existing systems transferring data across the organization seamlessly in responsive time manner.


INFOMAX successfully upgraded IST/SWITCH for National ITMX to version 7.7

New ATM Front-End Implementation

INFOMAX successfully implemented ATM front end services for ISBT bank.


STAMBIA Partnership

INFOMAX and STAMB have already agreed as business partner since 2015, in order to provide data integration solutions. With our strong relationships, we can provide very cost effective for high performance data integration solutions. Learn more about STAMBIA at stambia

Recertification of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

INFOMAX Completed CMMI development level 3 recertification. This is our 6th year of our continuous improvement for software development international standard

ATM Front-End Implementation

Successfully completed the implementation of ATM front end for A-money (AIRA & AIFUL) with online payment system solution and NCB report integration.

Bulk File Converter (BFC)

Successfully implement Bulk File Converter (BFC) interface to National ITMX for Australia and New Zealand Bank (Thailand)

iCheque Outsourcing Implementation

Successfully completed total cheque clearing solution (iCheque) to Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SMTB).

iCheque Suites Integration

Successfully completed iCheque enhancement function to integrate with BNP Paribas (BNPP) collection platform integration (RCP).

ATM and Card Management for Chip Card (BOT and VISA)

Started ATM host processing and card management systems enhancement to support Thailand chip card standard (BOT) and VISA chip card.

Started UPI issuing

Started UPI issuing host enhancement for several banks.

EXIM CRB Credit Bureau Interface Implementation

Successfully implemented EXIM CRB interface to National Credit Bureau system. The project was lived in 2016

Stambia Data Integration Solution for EXIM

Successfully implemented Stambia Data Integration Software for EXIM. The project was lived in mid of 2016, with 18 systems across platform integrated.


JCB card acceptance implementation

Completed the implementation of Thai Bank ATM to accept JCB card

Visa Personal Payments

INFOMAX has successfully implemented Fast Funds transaction service (Refer to Visa Personal Payments) for member banks

SMS Gateway Solution

Completed the implementation SMS gateway solution and enhancement to support online alert from both ATM transaction and card activities.

iCheque Suites Implementation

INFOMAX successfully implemented total cheque clearing solution (iCheque Suites) to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC-Thai)

Integrated iCheque solution

Integrated iCheque solution with BNPP Regional Collection Platform for BNPP backend cheque clearing.

Provided total cheque clearing solution

Provided total cheque clearing solution (iCheque) for Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SMTB).


iCheque implementation for Government Owned Bank

Started nationwide implementation of ICAS remote cheque capturing at more than 1,000 branches of one of the Government owned bank. The solution is an outsourcing solution.

Debit Card Transaction Implementation

INFOMAX successfully launched and implemented the nationwide debit transactions for inter-bank switching with the National Infrastructure Payment Company in Thailand

launched and implemented the nationwide

Successfully launched and implemented the nationwide

Cheque system migration

INFOMAX successfully imgrated cheque image system of one of the major Chinese Bank in Thailand to iCheque suites.

iCheque Suites Implementation

Completed the implementation of Infomax iCheque for the provincial branches of a Thai bank.

Local Switching Implementation

INFOMAX successfully launched and implemented LOCAL SWITCHING to support member banks in Thailand

Union Pay International Acceptance

INFOMAX successfully implemented member bank ATM to accept Union Pay International transaction


iCheque Suites Implementation

INFOMAX had successfully certified Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 3 (CMMI)

INFOMAX CMMI Level 3 Certification

CMMI Level 3 certification.

ATM international linkage and gateway

INFOMAX successfully completed linking the ATM systems between commercial bank in Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic.

ATM Cross Border Link and Gateway

INFOMAX successfully completed the cross border ATM link between Korea and Thailand.


Point of Sales (POS) implementation

INFOMAX successfully launched the POS system for local financial company.


ATM Inter-Connecting Implementation

INFOMAX successfully inter-connecting the ATM systems of a local finance company to a group of Thai commercial banks.


FIS IST/Switch Migration

INFOMAX successfully completed the migration of the national ATM switch from Base24 to FIS IST/Switch.


Completed the migration

INFOMAX successfully completed the migration of the media clearing system (GIRO) from the central bank to the Thailand national infrastructure payment company.

Completed the migration

Successfully completed the migration of the national ATM switch from Base24 to FIS IST/Switch.

Completed the migration

Successfully completed the migration of the national ATM switch from Base24 to FIS IST/Switch.


Migrated the ATM systems

Successfully migrated the ATM systems of several Thai commercial banks from Base24 to FIS IST/switch.