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As the choices of IT investment facing our clients increase many folds from the workstation to the enterprise server level, IT executives are faced with the daunting task of choosing the appropriate solution, integrating systems of different architectures, and managing the complex efficiently and effectively. At the same time the population of IT professional who are capable of performing the task of managing the enterprise complex has not grown in proportion, because the massive growth of workstation, midrange and LAN solution has offered them ample career alternative. The mission of INFOMAX is to focus in providing solutions and services to clients who need to enhance the management and operational aspect of their installation, with the aim to maximize their existing investment and gain competitive advantage. Services and solutions provided by INFOMAX are based on financial justification, and that the clients can recover the cost by maximizing their existing and/or new investment.

 Our Products & Solutions

Front-end ATM Outsourcing services
PIN Change 
Withdrawal/fast cash
Online Retail Funds Transfer Processing Function
Fund transfer to other participated banks
Data Integration
Data management is vital for any company wanting to improve its productivity.
Inter-National Linkage
Initiate and implement Inter-National Linkage among member banks in Thailand and outside financial
Cheque solutions
Clear cheques electronically through Bank of Thailand ICS

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